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One Voice

Since 2003, the New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association (NBMSA) has been the one and only voice representing New Brunswick's maple syrup industry! What started out with 15 members, NBMSA now represents the interests of over 150 member producers and associate members across the province.

A NBMSA membership is more than just being part of an association. It’s about being a member of a community that shares the same vision: to build up this dynamic industry we are all proud to be a part of. From producers, suppliers, buyers, and industry stakeholders, we are all looking to CONNECT and GROW New Brunswick's maple syrup industry.

Our goal at the New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association is to connect you with the training, resources, export opportunities, and find you labor you need to grow your business while saving you time and money. Through our strategic partnerships with federal and provincial governments, suppliers, and maple syrup experts, we offer exclusive benefits to our members, including access to our invites to member-only silviculture program, Advance Payments Program, supplier discounts, our training and education programs with industry leaders,  rebates on various products and services and a subscription to our monthly news bulletin.

Our goal is to help our members broaden their knowledge and network while simultaneously raising industry standards. NBMSA collaborates with various organizations towards the enrichment of the ever-growing maple industry. The Association actively supports research endeavors, notably through its membership with the North Maple Syrup Council and the International Maple Syrup Institute.

As an advocate for our members, we are dedicated to represent the interests of our members and take care of critical issues to constantly improve the quality and standards of the New Brunswick maple syrup industry. It would be impossible to do all this alone. That is why becoming a member today has its benefits. Click here to become a member!


The maple syrup industry of New Brunswick is recognized for the sustainable quality of its products.

The New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association is a non-profit organization, is the only consortium of the maple syrup producers in the province.


Its mission is to represent the interests of its members, to facilitate the constant improvement of quality and standards and to promote the industry to consumers and abroad.


The Association accomplishes its mission by fulfilling the following mandate:

  • Promote the interests of maple syrup industry.

  • Promote New Brunswick maple products.

  • Submit recommendations to governments.

  • Offer information, training, volume-purchasing and consultation services to its members.

  • Support and promote industry standards.

  • Establish partnerships and strategic alliances.

  • Promote and support maple production research.


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