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Christmas Tree Tags

FREE! Christmas tree growers can order these free tags from our Association. Give with each Christmas tree that you sell.

Christmas Tree Insects and Diseases

This field guide has created to respond to demand from the Atlantic Christmas tree industry for a
practical, portable tool.

Christmas Tree Pest Manual: Second Edition

This manual can help you identify and control damaging Christmas tree pests in the north central region
of the United States. Most of the information also applies to the northeastern states and to the
southern portion of the Canadian provinces that order these states. You do not have to be a pest
specialist to use this information; we wrote the manual in everyday language so that anyone with an
interest in Christmas trees can read and understand it. Because it is meant to be a tool and not a
textbook, we included only what you need to know to solve pest problems in your nursery or plantation.

New Brunswick Trees and Shrubs in Winter

This guide to the botany of the province in winter provides the reader with five sets of identification
keys. Annotated illustrations that are superbly rendered by Pete Stafford detail the important features
of each plant species.

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